Nothing is permanent, everything changes. This applies to ourselves as well as to the life around us. Whoever understands this can look for possibilities to draw new strength from his own reality. For example, by renewing old friendships, or by looking for new hobbies to gain new experiences. In the end, however, it is always up to you to change yourself. External influences control your life only as long as you allow it. There is nothing more important in life than discovering and learning to appreciating one’s own self, because those who can no longer count on themselves will begin to lose their own ego over time.


As you learn to understand the path of your past, your understanding of where that path will take you in the future grows. If one does not think about it, the future remains blurred.


If you move in the same circle for too long you will inevitably suffer from some kind of whiplash at some point. We humans are living beings who are inclined to experience new things. If we constantly expose ourselves to the same thing, we build our own little cage.