We live in time, and yet we do not understand it. Many claim that time is equivalent to something divine, but if something divine exists, and this would consist of time, how should it influence time without changing itself through its effects? Others claim time is something like an unstoppable chaos, but if that is the case, then why does nature always strive for a breathtaking order from within?

Time is able to roll the dice with fate, if you allow it to do so. But do we really have an influence on it? Do we not rather let ourselves be influenced by what surrounds us? And at the same time we tell ourselves that it is mostly our own actions, which have led to who we are today?

Time remains a mystery, it is like a kind of magic you can reach for, but to understand what time actually is, our race is not capable of this, and maybe it should be like this, because one thing is clear. With time comes life, and it is well known that one should not play with life.

Posted by:Radarpar

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